Birthdays, Ice Cream and Stuff

The birthday month is fast approaching.  My husband and I are baby boomers who celebrate birthdays in July.  Lately the talk has been about retirement “stuff”.  Can we afford to stay in New Jersey, are we financially ready, but most importantly –  where did all this “stuff” come from?  In another attempt to simplify before I die, I started on my studio.

Everything in here could possibly be the answer to my creative longings.  Old paintings could be cut into collages, perhaps even soaked and molded into forms. Maybe I could make a pair of earrings.  And the dog bowl needs to be spruced up. I am never at a loss for ideas.  The creativity in this room nearly vibrates.  How could I let any go?

A prolific painter, my paintings are executed quickly to ensure that spontaneity doesn’t wane.  Granted, I do a lot of planning beforehand.  Value sketches are mainstays, and often result in compositional sketches.  (On madcap days, I approach a piece of paper with little more than an inspirational thought and some rock & roll.) .  I have been painting for approximately ten years.  That is a lot of “stuff”.

Enter “The Boxes”, filled with above mentioned “stuff”; categorized as follows:

1.  REJECTS – just plain disasters (but they could make a nice coaster)

2.  OK’s – Nothing that is worthy of the big step – THE FRAME

3.  DONES – They have had THE FRAME, perhaps even been in shows.  But, alas, their time is finished, so they have been relegated to “The Boxes”.

The first five or six to come out of “The Boxes” were Number 2s.  So I made the plunge and put them on Etsy.  To my delight, I’ve sold two.

The latest painting to hit Etsy was done in a class with my mentor.  Thinking it sort of childish, I used my Daniel Smith’s Quinacridone Rose (what a simply delicious color – I often expect it to smell good when I squeeze it from the tube) to create a little more excitement than vanilla or chocolate.  But I don’t like strawberry, so I felt this painting fell somewhere between a 1 and a 2.  Granted, it had a certain quirky charm and the image had been used for birthday cards for nearly every friend and family member at least once (Apologies to anyone who got it two years in a row!).  It was indeed the consumate Birthday painting.

So far the painting has been featured in three different Treasury collections.  If you’re not familiar with Etsy, members can curate a collection of items similar in nature, color, or theme.  All were different themes. Who’s in the Mood for Ice Cream Strawberry Taffy and Whimsy  If you get a chance to click on these links, check out the Curator’s shops.  They have some pretty neat items.

The numbers associated with the upcoming birthdays are mind boggling.  I’m optimistic as the “stuff” in “The Box” is ever so slightly smaller.  And the Ice cream …well, to me,  that just represents birthdays and stuffed all in one image!


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