Following fellow artist, Sandy Sandy’s blog has helped to kickstart me back into drawing.  This week’s challenge was to draw a cat.  Used a picture of my own for reference and found myself struggling,

I truly have mixed feelings about this cat.  The picture I chose is one that I felt portrayed her attitude.  Sort of indifference mixed with a bit of pissed off.  She is a beautiful red cat with the cute name of Punkin.  Her nick name is Princess PIA. She has me trained perfectly to respond immediately to any vocal instructions she meows.  Otherwise our newly rennovated home would be confetti.

Struggled with this drawing. For me, part of the joy of drawing is the “in the moment” aspect.  You follow every line, paying attention to where it intersects, is it longer than the next, shorter, curved, etc.  While trying to focus on the line, I kept thinking:  “Why did I pick her out of the litter?” “Why doesn’t she purr?” “Why did she first walk up to the neighbor the other day instead of me?”  “Why does she sometimes swat at me?”   “Does she even like me?  Or am I just the dispenser of dinner?”

My nephew used to show me off to his friends:  “Give my Aunt something to draw and watch.”  They invariably gave me action figures, cars and trucks.  I found them difficult to draw, but perservered for his amusement and our connection.  In the end, I always managed to get some semblance of what they’d given me sketched.  I had to stick to it for this sketch also.  It’s a good feeling to finally finish, even if you’re not thrilled with the results.  Stretching the comfort zone.

Punkin stretched also when I showed her the sketch.  She was unimpressed.  But I thanked her anyway for always keeping me stretching; artistically and personally.


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