Carolina Wren – Sold!

Wow, I sold another painting from the internet, through Etsy.   What a nice message to get in your inbox.  Though I must admit, my initial thought is that I’m being scammed.  But this 7″ x 7″ watercolor and gouache painting is headed to Georgia.

These cuties nest in the flower box on our shed most years.  One year we had the pleasure of watching the fledglings pop up and down like jack-in-the boxes up between the flowers before their first flight.  The first one finally one flew the three feet to the hammock where they started exercising their wings even more by jumping from hammock strand to hammock strand.  All too soon the fluffball babies were off to their new lives, but not without touching ours.  One of my favorite resident birds in our yard; partially, because I can usually get close enough to get some good photos, and partially due to the adorable poses they strike.


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